Media5-fone Certified Interoperable with the Panasonic NS1000 and TDE/NCP PBX
Tuesday, 03 April 2012

The most flexible user-friendly softclient application can now be easily provisioned and supported on the Panasonic NS1000 telephone system and TDE/NCP PBX

Sherbrooke, Canada, Arpil 03, 2012 – Media5 Corporation, a leading provider of IP-based multimedia communications solutions, today announced that the company has confirmed the interoperability between the Media5-fone and the Panasonic NS1000 telephone system as well as the TDE/NCP PBX.

The interoperability gives Media5-fone and Panasonic NS1000 telephone system and TDE/NCP PBX users a reliable, and seamless solution that will meet their business requirements to improve communications and productivity, while eliminating the labor and expense requirements involved in testing and implementing iPBXs and SIP softclient solutions.

The Manager of Mobility Products for Media5, Mr. Pascal Dore, said: “Interoperability with the Panasonic NS1000 telephone system and TDE/NCP PBX ensures compatibility, flexibility to adapt to the ways the organisation works, and successful completion of quality voice calls for many businesses today that rely on the Media5-fone as its key communication tool for remote workers.”

Speaking on the occasion, Felice Lamanna CEO at Comtel S.p.A, a division of Tema Telecomunicazioni, said, “With the Media5-fone’s advanced feature set and seamless interoperability with the Panasonic NS1000 telephone system and TDE/NCP PBX, we have the confidence to deliver a solid user experience for business critical mobile applications that is expected from our customers throughout Italy.”

Media5 is a Panasonic PBX PSDN (Panasonic Solution Developer Network) Silver Partner.

Media5-fone is a suite of softclient applications that enables seamless communications for any network (Wi-Fi, 3G/4G). Media5-fone is currently available for iOS devices, smartphones and tablets, as well as Android™smartphones. Desktop Web and Native editions, as well as an RCS-e edition as per the GSMA initiative are also scheduled for 2012 releases.

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